5 Tips for Music Selection for Destination Weddings in Puerto Rico

A destination wedding in Puerto Rico is a great chance for you and your guests to interact with our culture and our beautiful places. Here are our most important 5 tips for you to take into consideration when selecting the music for your event.



1. Perform a good research of groups.


This is not only made by scrolling by their photos or videos. Websites like weddingwire.com, has a review section in which you can determine if any group is good for your type of event. Ask the group to provide references of previous events.


2. Open the package before accepting it…


Yes, like correspondence received in the mail. Some event planners may include for one global fee, the elements needed for your wedding, including music (A package). That’s sounds attractive and less time consuming for you. But regarding the music, you must ask about the group’s name, their interaction with people in the same type of event you’re planning, ask for videos or promotional material. This is not the same as #3.


3. Ask your wedding planner for references


Wedding planners has a lot of experience with groups. That, as any other place in the world, there are good ones and those that simply are not that great, again go to weddingwire.com and check their reviews. Ask for at least 2 or 3 options and perform recommendation #1. Even weddings are private events, planners or group contacts could make arrangements to give you a break to see by yourself the group performing live if you’re visiting the island months or days prior to your event.Consult your planner for advice in time scheduling and terms to be agreed.


4. Request a written agreement

Words fly with the wind. Request a written agreement with your selected group as to the terms, number of group members, sound system, and intervention times. Encourage them to accept a deposit if it is not requested; Do not send more than 50% of deposit. Best deposit ways are Credit Cards, Checks, or Pay Pal transfers.If the group doesn’t work through a written agreement or accept deposit, that’s a red flag for you.


5. Discuss the contract with your wedding planner

Your planner will help you understand your contract point by point and can suggests any modifications on time. Also, it is important that your coordinator be aware of the contract terms, including intervention hours, balance pending and deposit made, and the group’s contact information.   

The most important thing after all is to enjoy and have the best time here and to find the type of music that matches 100% with your personal preferences and the theme of your event.

We cannot wait to make your event be memorable. Thanks for selecting Puerto Rico for your event.


Adrián Zayas

Yuvi Plena 

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